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Annabel Battersby

Psykologin keskusteluhoito Psykologi, Kognitiivinen
Helsinki, Kluuvi
Aikuiset 18-67v Ikäihmiset yli 67v Nuoret 13-17v
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Yksittäinen konsultaatio Pitkäkestoinen Lyhytkestoinen
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I'm an English-speaking, CBT-trained, clinical psychologist. I offer short to medium-term psychological therapy for stress, depression, anxiety (Social Anxiety, general anxiety, PTSD). I also offer Schema Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. No KELA reimbursements available at this time.
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I aim to be respectful and collaborative in my approach. I believe that the client is the expert in their own problems, and I am there to be the expert in psychological science - e.g. how the brain works, human behaviour, social factors - and use this knowledge to assist you in your search for greater well-being and less psychological distress. I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and I have trained and worked in both psychiatric settings and private clinics. In my private therapy work I have used mindfulness, self-compassion, ACT therapy, schema therapy and other forms of CBT to treat clients, but I also have a strong interest in attachment theory and how this influences us for our whole lives. I also like to do positive psychology therapy with all clients, for example in character strengths, gratitude, meaning in life and values, and other methods of improving well-being. At the core of my approach is an unconditional positive regard.

Mitä istunnoillani tehdään

In the phone call prior to the first session and in the first session with a client, I'm always trying to do two things - establish a good relationship with the client and understand the nature of the problem that they are presenting to me. I'll be listening hard, and asking some questions to make sure I've understood you. The next few sessions are about trying to understand the presenting problem a bit better, and beginning to work on a treatment plan. I might write up notes to give you to take home and think about, or send you a brief psychological quiz by email to assess the level of your distress (e.g. depression or anxiety scale). Then the sessions will follow a pattern of looking at how the treatment plan is working, and making adjustments. We will continue to work together to see what things do and don't work for you. In all cases, and especially if your presenting problem is an unsolvable problem such as grief, I use empathic listening to discuss your emotions and thoughts.

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Masennukseen/ahdistukseen Ihmissuhdeongelmiin Vanhemmuuden haasteisiin Huonoon itsetuntoon Elämäntapamuutokseen Sosiaalisten tilanteiden pelkoon Paniikkikohtauksiin Pakko-oireisiin Fobiaan/kammoon Vihanpurkauksien hallitsemiseen Menneisyyteni käsittelyyn Vaikeaan elämäntilanteeseen Itsetuhoisiin ajatuksiin Kaksisuuntaiseen mielialahäiriöön Henkilökohtaiseen kasvuun ja kehitykseen Univaikeuksiin Fyysisen sairauden käsittelemiseen Seksuaalisen hyväksikäytön käsittelyyn Rikoksen uhriksi joutumisen, äkillisen menetyksen tai muun traumaattisen kokemuksen käsittelyyn Persoonallisuushäiriöön Psykoottisiin häiriöihin
Ammatillinen taustani ja osaamiseni

My professional qualifications are a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Psychology (Clinical Psychology), and I have done an additional two year's of training to become an endorsed Clinical Psychologist in Australia. I previously worked in a hospital and also a community mental health team. My specialities are CBT (including ACT and schema therapy), older adult psychology and positive psychology. I have also received training in mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, ACT for psychosis and CBT for anxiety and panic. I have also trained in cross-cultural mental health and have experience in working with people from many different cultural backgrounds. I have specialised training in Geropsychology, or psychological treatment of older adults (people aged 65+).


I welcome all adults, and teenagers, and I will work hard to address whatever concern you may have. I have a lot of experience in treating anxiety disorders, particularly panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and generalised anxiety disorder,. I also have an interest in depression and bipolar disorder and using non-pharmacological treatment for these (i.e. not using drugs). I have a strong interest in treating psychological complaints with a strong physical component - such as pain disorder and insomnia - using psychoeducation and CBT. I am also very interested in helping those who are struggling with life adjustments, perhaps with moving to Finland and the changes in life that an international move can bring, or other adjustments such as parenthood, loss of employment or health problems. I also have an interest in working with older adults.


Many of you reading this may wonder what a Clinical Psychologist is. Briefly, I would describe a Clinical Psychologist as a psychologist who works much like a psychiatrist does (we assess, diagnose and treat clients), but that they use a psychological approach and not a medical approach. Clinical Psychologists study and train for 8 years, they are required to receive ongoing supervision indefinitely and to attend five days of professional training per year. They use a wide variety of therapeutic methods, including CBT, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Psychoanalysis and IPT, but the primary training is often in CBT. Clinical psychologists often work in the 'scientist-practitioner' method - i.e. that they practice the science that they use with clients and use evidence based treatment. In Finland Clinical Psychology is not a discipline which has a psychotherapy rebate from KELA, but I am seeking to still get recognition as a psychotherapist by VALVIRA.

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The consultation time for weekly sessions is 45 minutes long and costs 100€. This fee also includes all phone calls and letters with the client and with other health professionals if required. If you would like to meet less frequently (1, 2 or 3 times a month), the consultation length is 50 minutes and costs 120€. Please be aware that there are no KELA rebates for Clinical Psychology services in Finland.
I am able to take on new clients at present and would be able to see you within two or three weeks of first contact. I offer a free 15 minute phone call before booking the first session and will arrange a time for this phone call over email prior to booking the first session. I cannot offer same-day appointments from the time that you contact me, as I usually have a fully booked schedule. However my practice (Compass Psychology) has many psychologists who may be able to offer immediate sessions to you, so check out the website.

Summary in English | Sammanfattning på svenska

I'm an English-speaking, CBT-trained, clinical psychologist. I offer short to medium-term psychological therapy for stress, depression, anxiety (OCD, Social Anxiety), and many other disorders. I am registered with VALVIRA as a psychologist in Finland and I am an endorsed Clinical Psychologist in Australia. My therapeutic style is Cognitive Integrative (CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Schema Therapy). I can help people with work stress, relationship issues, parenting issues, but I am also trained to treat more serious problems such as depression, suicidal thoughts, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders (OCD, etc..) and any psychological issue. In Australia I was employed as a Clinical Psychologist in the hospital system, and I also worked in private practice. I am happy to work with your doctor/ physiotherapist/ nutritionist/ speech pathologist/ OT or any other health professional if you are needing a multi-disciplinary approach to your treatment.