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Hatty Francis-Ehnholm

Psychological therapy Psychologist, Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
Helsinki, Kluuvi/Kaisaniemi
English Swedish
Customer Groups
Adults 18-67y Youth 13-17y Children under 13y Families Groups
Length of Therapy
Single consultation Long-term Short-term
Daytime appointments Evening appointments
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I am and English and Swedish speaking psychologist offering short to long term CBT, cognitive & integrative therapy for adults, adolescents & children. I work with difficulties such as depression, anxiety (inc. OCD/panic), burn-out, trauma, postnatal mental health, body dysmorphia, eating disorders & issues around gender identity, LGBTQ+ & immigration. I offer neuro-psychological assessment & work with issues related to neurodiversity (e.g. ADHD & ASD)

KBT och integrativ terapi för vuxna, barn, ungdomar & familjer. Min inriktning är integrerad & evidensbaserad med KBT betoning. Jag använder även ACT, CFT, mindfulness, motivational Intervju & lösningsfokuserad terapi. Jag arbetar med depression, ångest (t.ex. OCD/panik), utbrändhet, trauma, postnatal psykisk hälsa, kroppsdysmorfi, ätstörningar & frågor kring könsidentitet, LGBQT+ & immigration. Jag erbjuder neuropsykologisk bedömning, och arbeta med frågor kring neurodiversitet
Psychotherapeutic Orientation
  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
  • Integrative
Additional Training

Crisis and traumas Mindfulness Schema therapy Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) Supporting attachment

About me as a therapist

I am active during therapy, but also take time to give you the space to be reflective and express your feelings fully. I have a very compassionate and warm approach, and I like to use humour where appropriate. However, I am not afraid to push and challenge you gently, but firmly to make lasting and positive change in your life. For this reason you will find that your will learn a lot about yourself, as well as many skills, techniques and tools to improve your health and mental-wellbeing for the long-term.

About my therapy sessions

I like to spend time doing a thorough assessment, which may last several sessions. After this I like to spend time making a really good co-created understanding or formulation of your difficulties, and will often use paper or a white board to illustrate how your difficulties are maintaining themselves, and to show you the things and changes that need to happen to get you out of the vicious circles you find yourself in. I will teach you many skills and techniques to alleviate your difficulties in sessions and ask you to practice these outside of sessions.

Issues often worked with
Depression/Anxiety Relationship problems Subtance abuse/addiction Burnout Challenges in parenting Low self-esteem Feeling bad Changing lifestyle Eating disorders Anxiety towards social situations Panic attacks Obsessive-compulsive disorder Phobia/fear Anger management Sexual problems Processing my past Sexual abuse To deal with a crime victim, sudden loss or other traumatic experience Challenging life situation Self-destructive thoughts Bipolar disorder Personality disorders Personal growth and development Difficulty sleeping Gender or Sexual-Identity Questions Hurting yourself Treatment of physical illness
Areas of Specialization
Bipolar disorder People with intellectual disabilities Pain related difficulties Child welfare Multiculturalism / immigrants Neuropsychiatric patients Obsessive-compulsive disorders Pregnancy & birth Eating disorders
My professional background and knowledge

I am trained to doctoral level in the UK, where I can use the professional title of Clinical Psychologist. In Finland I can use the professional title of Psychologist, but I am also currently training to become a psychotherapist here in Finland at Åbo Akademi. I am trained to work with difficulties across the lifespan and have worked with clients of all ages using a wide range of treatment and therapeutic approaches. I am trained to do neuro-psychological assessments with all ages and have specialist training with children, adolescents and families, as well as in health psychology,. As well as this I have a specialist interest in postnatal maternal health. I am also a trained Cognitive Coach and can guide clients to discover the blocks that are holding them back in their personal and work-life, and how to realise their life and career goals

Client group

I work with children, adolescents & adults. I use a CBT orientated integrative evidence-based approach to treatment & psychological therapy, and am trained in the following therapeutic modalities: CBT, ACT, Compassion Focused Therapy, Systems, Mindfulness, Narrative, Motivational and Solution Focused approaches)

With adults, I work with depression, anxiety disorders (e.g. panic and OCD) eating disorders, grief, burnout, sleep & difficulties arising from ADHD & Autism. I can also support clients to adjust to living with chronic health conditions such as pain, HIV & diabetes. I have a special interest in maternal postnatal health, and can offer neuropsychological assessment.

With children and teenagers I can work with early childhood difficulties (toileting, fussy eating, sleep & tantrums) to more complex issues such as depression, anxiety disorders (e.g. panic & OCD) self-harming, eating disorders, body dysmorphia and trauma. I also offer neuropsychological assessment services.

Additional information

In the UK Clinical Psychologist are trained to doctoral level and work in clinic and public health settings while the are training. I am trained in assessment, diagnostics, case-formulation and in several therapeutic orientations. I am trained to think about clients holistically and to use a case-formulation and evidence-based approach. This means that I take the client and their contexts into account, while using the latest evidence to form treatment plans. I am trained to work with all ages and client groups and have done specialist placements with children, adolescents and families, as well as in clinical health psychology. My doctoral research was about trauma as a result of childbirth and postnatal depression.

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Regular session price


Pricing details

170 for 80 minutes