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Clara de la Riva

Psychological therapy Psychologist, Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
Turku, Pohjola
English Spanish
Customer Groups
Adults 18-67y Couples Families Groups
Length of Therapy
Single consultation Long-term Short-term
Daytime appointments Evening appointments Weekend appointments

Therapist does not accept appointments between 19.12.-26.12.
This therapist is a licensed psychologist and healthcare professional. They are not, however, a licensed psychotherapist and thus not eligible for e.g. Kela’s psychotherapy reimbursements. Read More.
Olen psykologian maisteri, laillistettu psykologi. Tulin Suomeen erikoistumaan neurotieteeseen. Suuntaukseni ovat kognitiivinen käyttäytymisterapia ja neuropsykoterapia. Olen työskennellyt yksityisterapeuttina viimeiset 5 vuotta.
Psychotherapeutic Orientation
  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
  • Couple therapy
Additional Training

Mindfulness Neuropsychiatric coach

About me as a therapist

My clients have said that I am accepting, tolerant and an excellent listener, but also analytical and direct when it is needed.
I come from the academic world (I have been a researcher in the field of Neuroscience), so I have a strong scientific background and work only with empirically tested therapy methods.
I have lived abroad since I was 19 and I have worked with people from many different cultures and very diverse points of view. That is why I always feel really comfortable with diversity.

About my therapy sessions

I would define my working style as close and personal. I think an open relationship between patient and therapist is crucial to make things work. We will try to set expectations and objectives since the very beginning of our therapeutic relationship so that we can go straight to the root of your problems. We all know that therapy is time-consuming and expensive, so the value of your time will always be one of my priorities.
Each person is unique, so I will help you find personalized tools and acquire new skills to increase your well-being and achieve your personal goals. We will discuss together the areas of your life that you think you need more help with, and we will choose the intervention methods accordingly.

Issues often worked with
Depression/Anxiety Relationship problems Burnout Low self-esteem Feeling bad Changing lifestyle Anxiety towards social situations Panic attacks Obsessive-compulsive disorder Phobia/fear Anger management Processing my past Sexual abuse To deal with a crime victim, sudden loss or other traumatic experience Challenging life situation Self-destructive thoughts Personal growth and development Difficulty sleeping Gender or Sexual-Identity Questions
Areas of Specialization
Neuropsychiatric patients Multiculturalism / immigrants Brain injuries
My professional background and knowledge

I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Clinical Psychology. I graduated as a psychotherapist in 2016 and I came to Turku to study a second master's degree in Human Neuroscience in 2018. I have worked as a neuropsychologist (neurological rehabilitation for brain damaged patients) and private psychotherapist in Spain for 3 years. I have experience with adults of all ages.

I got my Valvira licence in autum 2022 and I started accepting new patients in Finland in 2023. Being an immigrant myself, I have dedicated the last year to the study of the so-called immigration stress and all the struggles that derive from the process of adapting to a new country.

As a researcher, I spent my last two years at university studying different neuropsychiatric disorders (mainly autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder and major depression disorder). I also studied the effects that anxiety and depression in pregnant women can have on their newborn's brain development.

Client group

I have worked mainly with adults (16-60 yo).
I have more experience in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, complicated grief, sexual abuse, and immigration stress (Ulysses syndrome).
I have dedicated the last year to the study of the so-called immigration stress. Most of my first patients in Finland have been immigrants.

First session price


Regular session price


Pricing details

30-minute first session without obligation so that you can get to know me and decide if I am the right therapist for you.

45 minutes - 80.00
(Weekends - 95.00)

Students - 60.00