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Katerina Mononen

Psychological therapy Psychologist, Psychodynamic
Helsinki, Herttoniemi
Other Finnish English
Customer Groups
Elderly over 67y Adults 18-67y
Length of Therapy
Single consultation Long-term Short-term
Evening appointments Daytime appointments Weekend appointments
This therapist is a licensed psychologist and healthcare professional. They are not, however, a licensed psychotherapist and thus not eligible for e.g. Kela’s psychotherapy reimbursements. Read More.

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I am a clinically oriented English, Finnish and Czech speaking psychologist. I guide my clients to find inner resources and coping mechanisms in order to overcome current difficulties and start enjoying life again. I use mainly Guided Affective Imagery and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.
Psychotherapeutic Orientation
  • Psychodynamic
  • Psychoanalytic
Additional Training

Mindfulness Hypnosis

About me as a therapist

I try to build a trustful relationship with my clients by true listening and an empathic, accepting and non-judging attitude. I guide and orientate client´s feelings, attitudes, thoughts and actions and support them to break non-functional patterns of behaviour to be able to experience the world from a new perspective. I believe the key to finding solutions to our problems lies within ourselves; my role is to help to discover the key.

About my therapy sessions

My work is based on psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theories (Guided Affective Imagery). GAI uses imaginations, that are worked out and integrated in a subsequent interview. The inner reality is displayed on a symbolic level, including current tuning, conscious and unconscious conflicts. In addition I use MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), dreamwork and other stress reduction techniques in my work.

Issues often worked with
Treatment of physical illness Difficulty sleeping Personal growth and development Personality disorders Bipolar disorder Challenging life situation To deal with a crime victim, sudden loss or other traumatic experience Sexual abuse Processing my past Sexual problems Anger management Phobia/fear Obsessive-compulsive disorder Panic attacks Anxiety towards social situations Eating disorders Changing lifestyle Feeling bad Low self-esteem Challenges in parenting Burnout Relationship problems Depression/Anxiety
Areas of Specialization
Multiculturalism / immigrants
My professional background and knowledge

I provide psychological counselling, short to long term therapy and stress reduction for adults in my private practice Ad Rem Counselling in Helsinki.
My previous work experience: psychological counselling with adults, diagnostics, crisis intervention and psychological therapy with children.
I have been undergoing psychotherapy training of Czech Society for Guided Affective Imagery, Brno (2006-2019, 450 h.), status of Candidate (2007)
I am a member of Czech Society for Guided Affective Imagery in Brno since 2007.
Other trainings:
MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), Psychotherapy Institute, Helsinki (T. Malinen, 2013-2015, 42,5 h.)
Hypnosis, Psychiatric sanatorium in Kromeriz (S. Kratochvil, 2010, 40 h.)
Hypnosis, University of Jyväskylä (P. J. Hawkins 2002, 40h.)
Nonverbal Techniques in Psychotherapy (relaxation, body work, art therapy, music therapy etc.), Centre for Youth and Family Therapy, Prague (J. Vodnanska, 1998, 120 h.)

Client group

I work individually with adult clients experiencing mainly life crises, depression, anxiety, sleeping troubles, relationship difficulties, stress-related diseases, low self esteem, etc.

Additional information

Each session lasts for 60 minutes.
It is possible to get 3 and 10 session bundles at a reduced price.
I work also evening hours and offer sessions during Saturdays.

First session price


Regular session price


Pricing details

Psychological Consultation – 50 € / 60 min.
3 Consultation bundle – 135 € /3 x 60 min.
10 Therapy sessions – 400 € / 10 x 60 min.