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Joanna Kraus

Psychotherapist, Other, Couple therapy
Helsinki, Etelä Haaga
Customer Groups
Families Couples Elderly over 67y Adults 18-67y
Length of Therapy
Single consultation Long-term Short-term
Evening appointments Daytime appointments
Are you or your partner new to Finland? Are you in an intercultural relationship? I'm an American therapist, and I understand the challenges both personally and professionally. If you are looking for a native English-speaker who can help you navigate these issues, I am available in person or online.
Psychotherapeutic Orientation
  • Couple therapy
  • Integrative
About me as a therapist

As a therapist, I focus on providing a safe, accepting, and comfortable environment where each individual or member of a couple feels heard, understood, and valued. I'm easily approachable, warm, empathetic, and accepting. I believe in letting my clients direct the pace and direction of therapy. I'm also active as a therapist, although I do not give advice; I simply help and guide my clients into finding their own answers. I trust that each client is the expert on themselves and their own lives, and that between that expertise and my knowledge and experience, we can together find the solutions that best fit that particular person. While the issues addressed in session are serious- and absolutely should be taken as such, I also believe that there is room for fun and humor in therapy!

About my therapy sessions

My first focus is always on thoroughly understanding my client's experience. Once I have thoroughly understood my client's needs and wants, I actively help them find either understanding, acceptance, or solutions- as the situation warrants. My therapeutic approach is integrative, meaning that I incorporate tools and techniques from multiple models. I'm most influenced by client-centered, solution focused, cognitive behavioral (CBT), and open dialogue models. Additionally I use techniques from the Gottman Method and emotionally focused therapy (EFT) for couples specifically. The specific style always depends on the individual client(s) needs, wishes, and presenting particular situation. I use homework with the client's desire and/or approval. In my sessions, the client is always the one with the ultimate control!

Issues often worked with
Treatment of physical illness Hurting yourself Gender or Sexual-Identity Questions Difficulty sleeping Personal growth and development Bipolar disorder Self-destructive thoughts Challenging life situation To deal with a crime victim, sudden loss or other traumatic experience Processing my past Anger management Phobia/fear Obsessive-compulsive disorder Panic attacks Anxiety towards social situations Changing lifestyle Feeling bad Low self-esteem Challenges in parenting Burnout Relationship problems Depression/Anxiety
Areas of Specialization
Multiculturalism / immigrants
My professional background and knowledge

I specialize in working with immigrants and expats, as well as intercultural couples. Since moving to Finland in 2018, I have worked helping this population in immigration, integration, and adjustment-related issues. I have provided couple therapy for couples whose relationships are adversely impacted by these factors. I have further studied and written about the additional risk-factors that immigrant, expat, and intercultural couples face.

Client group

I work mainly with English-speaking (both native and non-native) adults and couples.

Additional information

Booking through www.joannakrauslmhc.com

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Regular session price


Pricing details

Individual therapy:
50 minutes for €100
80 minutes for €150
Couple therapy:
50 minutes for €120
80 minutes for €180