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Florencia Sortheix

Psychotherapist, Doctor of Social Sciences, Family therapy
Helsinki, Helsinki 00100
English Spanish
Customer Groups
Families Couples Adults 18-67y
Length of Therapy
Single consultation Long-term Short-term
Evening appointments Daytime appointments
I´m a Spanish and English speaker therapist. I have a Master in Family Therapy, from Spain, validated by Valvira. I work with individuals, couples, and families. KELA reimbursement is possible for Family and, in some cases, Couple therapy. I´m also registered at HUS Palse therapy.
Psychotherapeutic Orientation
  • Family therapy
  • Other
Provided KELA Services

Kela rehabilitation psychotherapy

About me as a therapist

I have a collaborative-dialogic approach to therapeutic relations which means I aim at developing therapeutic relationships that are respectful and believe people are the experts in their lives. I encourage individuals, couples, and families to create better narratives for themselves and their lives. We will search for your skills, values, stories, and identities you would like to strengthen to guide you in your life. For example, therapy could be useful for solving difficulties related to different cultural backgrounds and values in the couple, or difficulties when moving to Finland.
My training in Systemic Therapy has been complemented by Narrative and Open Dialogue training.
I also hold a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Helsinki where I´m a Docent, and work as a postdoctoral researcher. In my research, I apply positive and cross-cultural psychology ideas to the study of individuals’ well-being and values.

About my therapy sessions

In the meetings, I proceed at the pace the customer wants, and together with the customers, we search and construct solutions. IMy approach to work varies depending on the situation and the customer´s needs. I strive for transparency in my work and I´m open for questions from my clients.
You can come to my reception both alone and with a family member or partner. First, it is important to map out the situation and aspirations for the therapeutic process. The content and goals of the work are modified together with the customers by discussing and negotiating. In addition to the discussion, I use different methods (e.g., writing letters), and / or homework depending on the need and situation.
My reception is located on the premises of Komppi-Mehiläinen Kaisaniemi. It is also possible to work remotely.

Issues often worked with
Difficulty sleeping Personal growth and development Challenging life situation Feeling bad Low self-esteem Challenges in parenting Burnout Relationship problems Depression/Anxiety
Areas of Specialization
Multiculturalism / immigrants
My professional background and knowledge

Most of my practice in Finland has been with multi-cultural couples and international professionals from various nationalities working, or trying to find work, in Finland.
My training in Systemic Therapy has been complemented by Narrative and Open Dialogue training.

First session price


Regular session price


Pricing details

Individual therapy / Yksilöterapia 85 € (45 min)
Individual therapy / Yksilöterapia 100 € (60 min)
Couple therapy / Pariterapia 100 € (60 min)
Couple therapy / Pariterapia 140 € (90 min)
Family therapy / Perheterapia 160 € (90 min)